Mernon Grant C.M.T Nationally Certified(NCBTMB) Member AMTA
2005 Graduate of The Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, D.C.
Training received in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Seated Massage techniques.
Licensed In Virginia and the District of Columbia

Homeostasis or Balance is an absolute necessity for many living organisms and systems on earth. Human beings are not an exception to this rule. With the hectic, overscheduled and fast paced culture that we live in it is very easy to get “off center”. Massage is an excellent tool in maintaining this balance with a number of benefits...



                          ALG FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING
        Mernon Grant C.P.T.  National Academy of Sports Medicine  (N.A.S.M.)
                         Member IDEA Health and Fitness Association

Accountability to one’s health is crucial!! The quality of your life will reflect the attention or lack thereof given to this most significant aspect of your existence.

Healthier living has somehow gotten lost in the advancement of our careers, care of our families and convenience. We often don't find out how important our health is until it fails us and we are no longer able to attend to those things that are most important to us.

Healthier lifestyle choices are the lynch pin to the quality of your life. With poor health come many conditions that negatively impact the quality of your life such as disease, elevated stress levels, depression, irritability, poor sleep habits, fatigue, poor work performance and a host of other maladies.

The benefits of exercise are many and are well documented. Our mission at ALG Fitness is to be a catalyst/facilitator in YOUR efforts to live well.  To achieve or maintain this goal we incorporate the following exercise components;


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